Empowering Teachers to Create High-Quality Video Lessons using Movavi

Photo opportunity with the Resource Speakers and Old Poblacion Elementary School Teachers headed by Dr. Maria Teresa P. Salado, School Principal II

The College of Science and Technology (CST) organized an extension activity for the teachers of Old Poblacion Elementary School on March 10, 2023. This activity aimed to provide teachers with information and skills regarding current ICT trends, as well as how to effectively use technology in the teaching and learning process. This training was attended by 21 DepEd teachers of the said school.

Dr. Reiner Jun T. Alminaza, CST Extension Coordinator, initiated this training to improve students’ teaching and learning experiences by offering high-quality video lessons made by teachers.

Instr. James Ryan B. Ga discussed the topics on “How to make a Good Powerpoint Presentation”
Instr. Loveson C. Gallos discussed the topics on “Movavi”

Instr. Loveson C. Gallos and Instr. James Ryan B. Ga, faculty members in the College of Science and Technology, were the resource speakers and trainers who discussed the fundamentals of PowerPoint presentations as well as a number of software packages along with Movavi for creating video presentations.

The attendees were given hands-on experience creating video lessons with Movavi. They learned how to make a storyboard, load media resources, add effects, transitions, and texts, and export their final work as a packaged video. Participants were also taught strategies and tips for creating compelling video content for students.

The teachers performed the laboratory exercises on how to record presentation using Movavi

The training was incredibly engaging and exciting because the attendees were actively engaged by asking questions to the trainers, sharing their experiences, and discussing ways to incorporate their video lectures into their methods of instruction. In addition, the trainers gave each participant individual attention while leading them through the process of creating their video lessons.

Teachers created their powerpoint presentation

Furthermore, the training included topics such as copyright and fair use of multimedia files, particularly the background music which they decided to use in their video lessons, ensuring that they were aware of the legal implications.

With this training, the participants had practical experiences using the given software, making appealing video content for their lectures, and got one-on-one instruction from the trainers. After the training, the participants felt empowered and confident in their abilities to generate high-quality video lessons for their students. On the other hand, the Community Extension Services team received favorable feedback from the participants and plans to hold similar training sessions in the future.

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