The GSC IPMO provides a ready pool of science and technical experts with competence to conduct patent search and patent drafting, among other essential competencies and services, as well as assist in patent prosecution, and benefit from the IP capacity-building interventions of IPOPHL, which will ultimately result in increased IP creation, protection and commercialization in the local community.

The IPMO serves the GSC and local community, enabling and supporting increased innovation in our host institution and community, protecting our innovation worldwide through patents, and promoting utilization and commercialization of patented innovation worldwide for the benefit of our host institution, local community and the Philippines.

The GSC IPMO is committed to providing affordable quality patent information and IP services to our host institution, our local community and the Philippines, to support research and development which will have a positive social, economic, technological and environmental impact on our community and the Philippines. It is our goal to meet our users‟ expectations for quality and service, while paying close attention to each user’s individual needs”.