The Guimaras State College (GSC) Statistical Data Processing Center is a professional service and support unit of the Research, Extension, Training and Innovation (RETI) Office and Economic Development Center (EDC) of GSC which aims to generate income through improvement of research processes and outcomes through statistical capacity development, statistical solutions to research applications, and consulting services to student and faculty researchers of GSC and the larger community on the following areas:
  1. Review of the statistical aspects of research problem conceptualization and research methods section for quantitative research proposals.
  2. Data collection and sampling designs for surveys and experiments.
  3. Research instrument development, validation, and reliability (e.g. design and validation of scales and survey questionnaires and conduct reliability testing).
  4. Data encoding for quantitative researches.
  5. Data management, organization and analysis using appropriate statistical tools and software (e.g. Microsoft Excel, SPSS, R programming (STAR), and Minitab).
  6. Interpretation of results of statistical analysis outputs from statistical software packages.