Guimaras State College (GSC) is a state college in the Philippines that aims to have an effective and efficient implementation of its quality management system along with its vision, mission and core values.


Goal-oriented and God-fearing servant leaders promoting Green Technology for sustainable development.


Service-effective, and service-efficient professionals with global standards and practices.


Committed to excellence and desire for harmony among stakeholders.

And to achieve this, Guimaras State College is committed to provide its client with quality and excellent education through green technology generation for sustainable development and global competitiveness. It shall endeavor to continually improve its quality management system, satisfying applicable requirements of the standard, addressing risks and maximizing opportunities.

Further, the Top management pledges to inspire a college-wide commitment to this policy and ensure to regularly review and monitor strategic implementation of the Quality Management System in all levels of the organization for customer’s satisfaction and continual improvement.