CTE Empowers Barangay Zaldivar and Magsaysay on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Management

A pose with the barangay officials and residents of Barangay Magsaysay after the coastal clean-up
(from left to right) Instr. Leslie Z. Reoyo, Instr. Christine Hazel G. Estalogo, Prof. Jo Ann T. Gerada, and Instr. Gejette Marie B. Monton, the science faculty members who were the speakers of the 3-day extension activity

A 3-day lecture and training activity entitled “Save You, Save Me: Knowledge Power on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Management” was organized by the College of Teacher Education (CTE) — Community Extension Services Office on March 22–24, 2023 in Barangay Zaldivar, Buenavista, Guimaras. Barangay officials and residents of the two nearby coastal barangays of Zaldivar and Magsaysay participated in the event.

The lecturers of the said activity were the faculty members from the Science Department, namely Professor Ana Encarquez, who discussed the greenhouse effect and how it works and Professor Tommy Artajo who discussed climate change and global warming. He brought up one of the contributing causes of the earth’s atmosphere’s ongoing global warming. He emphasized that using fossil fuels produces greenhouse gas emissions and traps the sun’s heat, causing temperatures to rise. He also discussed the various types of greenhouse gas emissions that contributed to climate change. In the same manner, Instructor Gejette Marei B. Monton, another instructor of the Science Department, discussed her knowledge about climate change and how to minimize it. She discussed many approaches to mitigate climate change, its significance and impact. On the other hand,  Instructor Christine Hazel G. Estalogo discussed many sources of renewable energy. She enumerated and explained solar, wind, hydro, tidal, geothermal, and biomass energy.

During the coastal clean-up activity, the faculty members and the residents of Barangay Zaldivar and Magsaysay are helping each other

The program concluded with a coastal clean-up in two barangays which was attended by Guimaras State University faculty and students, barangay officials, and residents of the respective barangays. Following the coastline cleanup, Professor Jo Ann T. Gerada and Instructor Leslie Z. Reoyo discussed several green technology strategies.

The participants of the 3-day extension activity are actively listening to the topics discussed by the resource speakers

Participants were given the opportunity to ask questions about the topics that were discussed, as well as an open forum to express concerns about the training. The attendees found the topics intriguing and they discovered fresh ideas on how to minimize and reduce malpractices that can adversely affect the environment. Honorable Felomino Villanueva, Barangay Captain of Magsaysay, also expressed gratitude and support for future partnerships between GSU and their community.

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