GFPS Training-Workshop on Gender Mainstreaming

The Gender and Development Office headed by Dr. Enriqueta Siva with the support of the University President, Dr. Lilian Diana B. Parreño, conducted a GFPS Training-Workshop on Gender Mainstreaming last July 21, 2022 among GFPS members of the institution. This training-workshop will help the institution create a strategy in pursuing and strengthening gender equality in all aspects of the development process and could be able to achieve a gender-responsive community where men and women can equally contribute and benefit from the development.
This training-workshop aims to look for a more comprehensive and gender-biased free relationship among GSU personnel and its stakeholders, to pursue an equal access and control over decision-making, resources and benefits from all activities and proposed programs and projects.
The said event envisions to create harmonious relationship among all members of GSU Community, making it a gender-responsive academic institution where quality and equity reigns.
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