CCJE Conducts Training on Arnis, Self-Defense, Gun Disarming Techniques, and Symposium on 9262

Some of the Barangay Officials of Brgy. San Fernando

The College of Criminal Justice Education (CCJE) organized an extension activity for barangay tanods and residents of Barangay San Fernando, Buenavista, Guimaras on March 29–30, 2023. Fortyfive (45) people from the aforementioned barangay took part in this activity, which was entitled “Training on Arnis, Bolo, Knife, and Gun Disarming Techniques; and Symposium on 9262 (Violence Against Women and Their Children)”.

The training session began with a prayer led by Instructor Jean G. Bullo while Dr. Margie Y. De La Cruz, Director of Community Extension Services, gave her welcome address. Then, Professor Jufel D. Fernandez gave the statement of purpose. The resource speakers, GSU staff members, and participants were all warmly welcomed by Honorable Joevic M. Fuentes, barangay captain of San Fernando and Dean of CCJE, Dr. Reynald T. Ladera, also expressed his gratitude to everyone.

During the demonstration, where the Barangay Officials are taught on self-defense, arnis, and disarming techniques

Instructor Jerry H. Salinas, CCJE Extension Coordinator and activity trainer, taught the participants in arnis, self-defense with bolo and knife, and gun disarming techniques. The participants, particularly the barangay tanods, were astonished by the new abilities they had learned and obtained new knowledge on how to disarm and defend themselves.

During the lecture/discussion on Violence Against Women (VAWC)

Instructor Aizle F. Eres informed the participants, particularly women, about their rights during the Symposium on RA 9262 (Violence Against Women and Their Children). RA 9262 is a law that defines Violence Against Women and their Children, provides protective measures for victims, prescribes punishments, and serves other purposes.

During the giving of certificates to the participants and the best performer during the training

Participants who excelled during the program were recognized by the CCJE – Community Extension Services and awarded a certificate. Participants were extremely grateful to the barangay officials and tanods for conducting a timely and relevant training in their community. This knowledge and skill would help them safeguard their fellow residents in times of need, and they hope that further training will be provided in their barangay.

The participants and Barangay Officials of San Fernando
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