Guimaras State College Salvador Campus – The Recommended Faculty and Staff of their respective Department Heads were sent by Quality Assurance Office to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System IQA Training-Workshop. The said event was made possible through Mr. Kevin Castillon (ISO 9001:2015 QMS Trainer) last August 13-15, 2019.

The 3-Day Training Workshop was held at Guimaras State College in which, its main objective is to Capacitate the personnel to become internal quality auditors of the college. During the training-workshop, Mr. Castillon highlighted that the important role of IQA in the organization is to help the organization by continuously verifying the conformance of the organization’s processes to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Series of Workshop Activities were conducted to ensure that the all participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills as Auditor.

  • Dr. Enriqueta N. Siva
  • Dr. Ma. Xy J. Yanguas
  • Instr. Dioremark E. Galimba
  • Instr. Ciste F. Dilag
  • Prof. Maribeth E. Sumalde
  • Dr. Helen R. Vilbar
  • Instr. Efren S. Tellermo
  • Instr. Jerry Salinas
  • Instr. Melvin G. Lagaña
  • Engr. Ruben Habaña
  • Prof. Eric P. Catalan
  • Instr. Adrian J. Forca
  • Instr. Lea P. Ymalay
  • Instr. Lovely Joy J. Egael
  • Instr. Ivony S. Asprilla
  • Instr. Rodrigo Paglomutan
  • Instr. Gerald Sheo Thon D. Gamo
  • Prof. Antonieta S. Espin
  • Prof. Fermin B. Galve
  • Engr. Joven C. Cablas
  • Dr. Agustin N. Arceña
  • Mrs. Hazel D. Jarangue
  • Mr. Ken D. Pillora
  • Mr. Randy G. Galve
  • Mr. Roland Yanguas

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